Photograph by Rolan Fajardo.


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You may see the poems in their entirety in the Poems tab, the id numbers in that tab refer to the numbers on this page.

The selections 1-5 were presented in a Merkin Hall Concert (2004), Century 21 – A Night of New Music, in a shared program with composer Jerome David Goodman.

Click on the play arrow to hear each selection. IE USERS CLICK TWICE.

1) The Edge; Mary Ellen Callahan, soprano; Arash Amini, violoncello; the Prism Saxophone Quartet; setting of poem by Frederick Feirstein

2) Piano Duo, Mvt. 3, (4 hand piano); Kyung-A Yoo, Soyeon Kim, pianists. This work is dedicated to Kyung-A and Soyeon.

3) Imbrication No. 1; Solo Piano, Kyung-A Yoo, piano

4) Six Movements for Strings and Piano, Mvt. 5, Brief But Intense; Kyung-A Yoo, piano; Ana Milosavljevic, violin; Arash Amini, Diliana Momtchilova, cellists

5) Prayer; Thomas Meglioranza, baritone; Kyung-A Yoo, piano; setting of poem by Rosalie Calabrese

6) Stew Art for Solo Piano; Composed for the artist, James Stuart, as a birthday gift, the pitch materials are derived from his name. This sample was created via the Sibelius music notation program.

7) The Young Sleep; Anthony Turner, baritone; Mimi Stern-Wolfe, piano; Lori Miller, violin; Joanne Lin, cello; setting of poem by Ilsa Gilbert