Photograph by Rolan Fajardo.


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List of Works

The selections 4-7 and 11-18 were part of a Merkin Hall Concert (April 2004), Century 21 – A Night of New Music, in a shared program with composer Jerome David Goodman.

Compositions (partial list)

1. The Young Sleep; piano trio, baritone; poem by Ilsa Gilbert
2. The Maverick; fl, tpt, tbn, vc, pno, and perc (vibes/chimes)
3. yclept Caterpillar; fl, cl, gtr, vc, pno
4. The Edge; sax quartet, soprano, vc; poem by Frederick Feirstein
5. Piano Duo in 3 Mvts.; 4 hand piano
6. Imbrication #1; solo piano
7. Six Movements for Strings and Piano; vln, vc(2), pno
8. Four for Orchestra; orchestra with pno
9. Stew Art for Solo Piano; solo pno
10. Nocturne; solo pno
11. Recuerdo; sopr, bari, vln, vc, ob, bsn, pno, percussion; poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay
12. Child Apri, (Duo for Voice and Piano); bari, pno; poem by Lorna Koche
13. Prayer; bari, pno, poem by Rosalie Calabrese
14. Je Ne Sais Pas; sopr, pno, lyrics by Eugene W. McBride
15. Taxing Questions; bari, pno; poem by Rosalie Calabrese
16. Confessions of An Unfaithful Lover; sopr, pno; poem by Rosalie Calabrese
17. Yellow Cabs; bari, pno; poem by Rosalie Calabrese
18. Song for Esther; solo pno
19. Kaire; multi part a capella chorus / also arranged for 4 hand pno and strings; poem by Richard Eberhart
20. Elegy; harp, guitar, sopr or tenor / piano vocal arrangement available; poem by Frederick Feirstein
21. Baguettelle a la Chopin; solo pno
22. Movements for Violin and Piano; vln, pno